Our Voices Matter

About Our Voices Matter

Our Voices Matter (OVM) is a collection of testimony by individuals who have been harmed by prostitution, pornography, and trafficking. OVM seeks to provide a safe space for survivors to give voice to how prostitution, pornography, and trafficking have impacted their lives.

OVM aims to:

*shatter silence, invisibility, marginalization, and shame

*provide a safe space for survivors to share their stories in ways that may lead to healing and help others

*raise awareness on the hidden realities and injuries of prostitution, pornography and trafficking

*challenge dominant ideology and beliefs that prostitution is a “victimless crime” and that pornography is mere “fantasy” and harmless fun

*interrupt people’s compliance and defense of these systems of harm

*incite community awareness, response, and action

OVM is a grassroots project organized by a group of feminist activists committed to social justice and anti-oppression organizing, particularly in ending violence against women in all its forms. OVM is a project grounded in a feminist analysis of harm and oppression, rather than one that views these issues through a lens of sexual morality, addiction, or perversion. OVM seeks to remove the onus of blame from victims and place it squarely on the systems and perpetrators of violence and harm.

OVM recognizes that women take many paths in getting away from the violence and abuse they suffer in systems of pornography, prostitution, and trafficking, and we don't censor or reject any woman's accounts based on religion or spirituality. However, Our Voices Matter is a secular organization not affiliated with any religion and does not endorse any religious affiliation or path.

OVM seeks to gather the pain, hurt, abuse, and horrors of survivors into a loud, overwhelming, and hopeful outcry that can and will be heard. OVM is an assertion that women and children matter; that a day when women and children are not bought and sold is worth fighting for; and that real social change is imperative to actualizing this goal.

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