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Artwork by Women in Scotland

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In May 2006, the Women's Support Project (based in Glasgow, Scotland) organised a national conference, 'Challenging Demand'. The aim of the conference was to highlight the demand from men to buy sex through prostitution and pornography. Speakers at the conference included Myrna Balk, who also organised an exhibition of her artwork on trafficking, and offered drawing workshops for women who had been, or were, involved in prostitution.

As Myrna reports: "About 10 women who had been prostituted came. We met in a group. None of the women knew each other. The age range was between 22 and 45. All said they could not and would not draw. When I told them we did not have to draw, maybe we could exchange resources and just talk, they relaxed and started drawing as they talked to each other. They liked sharing information, opinions and supportive advice to each other. They wanted the Women's Support Project to keep their work, and gave permission for it to be used in the future. All felt isolated and lacking a support network. The drawings speak for themselves as to tell us what the women thought about themselves and their life."

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