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Naming and voicing one's experiences with violence and trauma can bring about a multitude of responses and feelings. For some, the process can be a painful and difficult one. For others, it can be a freeing and empowering step towards healing and self-reclamation. For many, it is a combination of the two. Your involvement in this project is honored in whatever ways you feel you can participate.

You may be wondering what kind of stories or testimony we are seeking. The testimony and stories will be as diverse as the women sharing them. This is a space for all women who have been harmed by pornography, prostitution, and/or trafficking to share their voices. Such harm can take multiple shapes and forms, including:

Women who have traded sex for money, clothing, food, drugs, shelter, or favors; women who have worked in strip clubs, massage parlors, or saunas; women who have been used in pornography or have had pornography used on them; women who have been used in street prostitution, phone sex, prostitution rings, internet pornography, escort services, ritual abuse, and mail order bride services; women who have been forced to perform/imitate humiliating sex acts by a partner or spouse that originated from or was influenced by pornography; women who feel their sexualities have been negatively impacted by a pornographic social culture; women who feel pressured and objectified by a sexually exploitative, pornographic social culture; and women who have been harassed through the use and dissemination of pornography at work or in other realms.

For women who feel comfortable and ready to share their stories, we welcome your testimony in whatever medium you feel most comfortable with, including: written format (testimony, poetry, prose, spoken word, etc.); video; audio; and artwork.

Testimony can be however long or short you want it to be. It can focus on a specific experience or span your entire life story. It can be made anonymously or using a pseudonym or one’s real name. For those interested in sharing their story and voice via video or audio, but do not have video/audio taping equipment: women from Our Voices Matter can work with you to make these mediums accessible. We may be able to send you audio recording equipment and/or meet with you to videotape your story. We can also tape testimony via phone. Please contact us to discuss these options further.

Women’s safety and comfort are of utmost importance. All communications with Our Voices Matter are confidential. Additionally, Our Voices Matter has access to equipment that can alter voices and/or blur out faces for all video and audio footage. This option is available to all women and may help to ease some of the fears and risks that may come with sharing one’s story. We encourage women to activate the numerous resources and support available. Go to our Resources page to get connected.

NOTE: We do not accept narratives or testimony that insult or disparage any group based on race, religion, national origin, sexual orientation, etc.

Testimony and artwork can be sent to Our Voices Matter via mail or e-mail. Please do not send originals or only copies. Artwork received via mail can be scanned for inclusion into the website. For more information, contact Our Voices Matter, PO Box 674, Northampton, MA 01061, voicesmatter@gmail.com.

"Justice for Women" Campaign

For women who have been harmed by the pornography industy and would like to take legal measures to ensure restitution and justice, please consider getting involved in the “Justice for Women” campaign of the Feminist Justice Project. The Feminist Justice Project (FJP) is a non-profit feminist organization that catalyzes legal initiatives to win justice for women. FJP’s current project seeks to stop the blatant human rights violations of women who have been victimized by the pornography industry by activating legal strategies that ensure restitution for victims and financial penalties for pornographers.

FJP is in the process of doing outreach to victims of the pornography industry who want to sue pornographers for the harms they have suffered through the production, distribution, and/or consumption of pornography. If you are a survivor of the pornography industry and would like more information about the “Justice for Women” campaign or are interested in signing up as a plaintiff, please contact OVM at voicesmatter@gmail.com. All communications are entirely confidential.