Our Voices Matter

Survivor Stories

Testimony by Rosa

"Never Be Quiet" by Angel Cassidy

"My Story, My Destiny" by Marlene Carson

"On Whose Back?" by Valerie

Testimony by Olga

"Learning to Defrost" by Rebecca Mott

"Living Behind the Camera" by Rebecca Mott

"Mind Meltdown" by Rebecca Mott

"Compartments" by Rebecca Mott

"Writing from a Place of Pain" by Rebecca Mott

"The Men That Used Me" by Rebecca Mott

"Blind to Any Connection" by Rebecca Mott

"How Pornography Affected Me" by Anonymous

Testimony by Marsha

"A Life Restored" by Laneen Haniah

Testimony by Inez

"Pornography Isn't Harmless" by Anonymous

"My Story -- From First Encountering Pornography to Becoming a Radical Feminist" by Maggie Hays

"Women and Pornography: My Story" by BB

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The way out is to tell:
Speak of the acts perpetrated upon us,
speak the atrocities,
speak the injustices,
speak the personal violations of the soul.
Someone will listen,
someone will believe our stories,
someone will join us.

--Charlotte Pierce-Baker