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Artwork by Ani Rose Whaleswan

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Ani Rose is a survivor of trauma and has been doing her own healing work for at least 15 years. Art and opportunities like those she now offers have played an integal role in her becoming a more whole and happy person.

Artist's Statement: I am a self-taught artist rooted in the Outsider, (Art Brut) history and tradition. I experiment a lot and like to blend old styles with new. I like to break rules and try new things, pushing my limits and freeing up my creative “voice”. I use a lot of acrylic for paintings, and clay for sculpture and pottery - but most pieces are multi-media to some extent. I’m a layerist and like to sculpt with almost any media.

I like to make statements in multi-fold ways, subtle and obvious, personal, spiritual, political, communal…. I believe artistic expression is a necessary blessing which both reflects and challenges, like a mirror for the artist and the viewers, individually and communally. Art works on us like a “Big Dream” and is sacred to do, to see, and to interact with. Art is healing and Healing is Art. And, this world needs a lot of healing…

Please visit Ani Rose's website Living Stones, unlimited.

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